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Island Groove™ One-on-One Fitness focuses on helping you to a path of ultimate fitness- which is having body, mind and soul in an healthy state of balance and harmony. This personal fitness training program is fundamentally based on the principle of working on the body from the inside out and the belief that fitness starts within the mind and a happier spirit can lead to a healthier YOU.
Your fitness session will be tailored uniquely for you according to your weight loss and muscle toning needs, your actual physical hobbies and interests and your mental status . It's designed to be fun and organic in its content-- with lots of unconventional but kick-ass out door and in-door physical activities, nurturing yet empowering and results -driven. Healthy eating guidelines will be shared and strongly encouraged. A one-on-one fitness session will be 2 hours of serious UP CLOSE and PERSONAL training. The first 30 mins would be CARDIO -which could be Island Groove ( you will get to choose what island or caribbean dancestyle you would like to do) SocaBox or some other fun, physical activity depending on your likes; second 30 min would be BODY SCULPTING or RESISTANCE TRAINING where the concentration would be on toning muscle with or without the use of weights, again depending on the nature of the client; final 30minutes would be CORE WORK with Island Groove Jam-it-in-the-Center or fun abdomenal and waste exercises. All activities through out each fitness session is designed to be FUN, FREE-SPIRITED, MOTIVATING yet KICK-ASS. This programme is set up to be very flexible --where Island Groove One-on-One Fitness can come to you or visa versa or meet in the middle at a park, at a studio, or a gym or some other location, depending on the client. Whatever you choose --one thing is guaranteed --it will be a private fitness session like no other.

A high energy "carnival-style" kickboxing workout where soca music and Caribbean dance movements are combined with kickboxing moves to produce one of the most effective and fun kick boxing workout around.

Focuses on the abs and the core through the use of specific sexy Caribbean style dance movements that attack all areas of the abs to help towards your achievement of a more toned center.

Focuses on balancing your spiritual chakras thru a process of soul cleansing initiated through a direct, powerful one on one connection with the drum doing specific afro-caribbean style movements.