Classes are taught in a Carnival Style which is basically a "follow the leader" technique. Hence there is no set dance routine. The class is very free-spirited with emphasis on SPIRIT within the movement and not so much perfection of movement.

The Classes are filled with Incredible Explosive Energy and the movements although fun and sexy can be very challenging - so feel free to pace yourself, take a break if you have to - come back in and join in the fun again. There is no stress in this class, remember it's no different from a carnival party - so do what you can do to the best of your ability as the instructor guides you in a festive mode.

No Dance Experience is Necessary. However you must love people, and you must leave all inhibitions at home in order to be really free.


All classes are 60-90 min long and sometimes have live drumming.

Remember to bring a towel, lots of water and wear very light and comfortable workout shoes - -so that you can really move freely in class. This is very important because there is so much movement in the classes, so you want to feel really light on your feet.

It is important to wear the proper shoes. The lighter your sneakers are - the better. Make sure there is shock absorption, flexibility, stability and that it fits perfectly.

All class props are provided by the instructor - such as flags, rags, leis, masks, whistles etc.

Some of the dance styles include:

  • Soca (Trini Bachannal)
  • Road March Style Soca
  • Dancehall (Passa Passa (street) Style
  • Jab Jab Soca (Grenada)
  • Bajan Wuk Up (Barbados Cropover Soca)
  • Chutney (Trinidad)
  • Punta (Belize)
  • Rope Dance
  • Merengue (Street Style)
  • Cuban Salsa (Street Style)
  • Dem Bow (Dominican Republic)
  • El Bomba (Puerto Rico)

And Much More!

Please Note, the more you come back the more free you become with your body, the more stamina you will have, and the more wonderful physical and soulistic benefits you will see - just creeping up on you!