• Infectious Spirit and Motivational Force
• Master Performer and Renowned Caribbean Dance Specialist
• AFAA Certified - Fitness Guru

Chinyere Minott, (well-known as just Chinyere) –the extremely talented, former beauty and carnival queen from the beautiful island of Jamaica, is the creator and master instructor of Island Groove™.

Chinyere has always had an ardent passion for the rich diversified dance and musical culture of her Caribbean roots, specifically Caribbean carnival, which eventually lead her to research and study in depth all the various festive dances associated with the different popular and traditional rhythms— not just in the West Indies but also in South America. But it was her many experiences of Caribbean Carnival that fueled this passion into the creation of Island Groove™—an innovative and effective dance aerobics programme that brings the spirit of Caribbean carnival alive.

AFAA certified, Chinyere brought Island Groove™ to the fitness world in 1997 and since then has been teaching it at various major fitness clubs and dance studios in Los Angeles, California. She has been featured on several TV talk shows and has presented for major fitness conventions including the prestigious IDEA World Fitness Convention. and Nike Fitness Academy. Her Island Groove™ workout has become increasingly popular and is frequently referred to by many as the "taebo of dance" and one of the most fun dance workouts around.

With more than 10 year of professional fitness and dance experience, Chinyere today soars as a well-respected and sought after Caribbean dance Specialist, fitness guru and presenter. She is hailed in the fitness world as one of the best instructors around with an insane energy, infectious spirit and motivational force that has been compared quite frequently to renowned fitness expert, Richard Simmons.

This Island Groove™ instructor known by everyone as the "carnival queen" is an advocate for "setting the spirit free" ( the core of Caribbean Carnival) and believe and teaches through her Island Groove™ classes that a free spirit, leads to a happier soul , happier mind and thus a happier body and, and thus a healthier and happier YOU.

Chinyere is undoubtedly GREAT at what she does and a part of that reason is due to a very special gift that she has: she knows how to find and pull out your "carnival jumbie" –your free spirit, no matter who you are.