Island Groove™ is an intense yet fun-packed dance aerobic and movements program that takes you on a free -spirited carnival and festive journey through music and dance to the different exotic islands and countries of the captivating Caribbean.

Island Groove™ is designed to effectively burn calories, enhances cardio respiratory fitness, improve muscular strength and flexibility while you SET YOUR SPIRIT FREE carnival style, liberate your soul and UNLEASH.

Whether it is Trinidad, Jamaica, Cuba or Belize, Island Groove™ gets you going in the appropriate dance traditions. And there is no holding back—everything is done the way it is done in that particular island. From the dancehall wine from Jamaica, to the punta rock from Belize, to the Soca Bacchanal from Trinidad, you name it -- the authenticity of the carnival dance culture of the Caribbean is truly upheld.

Island Groove™ is not your typical aerobics class. It's taught in a carnival style—which involves a "follow the leader approach" ( the leader in most cases being the instructor) combined with a strong spirit of community. There is no set routine in the class—because the emphasis is not on choreography, but fun and spirit. You don't have to worry about counts; instead you are invited to feel the beat and release what you feel as you follow the leader.

Island Groove™ is the only workout around in which the spirit of Caribbean carnival truly comes alive! With the waving of flags, rags, holding of hands, dancing in communal harmony, everyone is united despite biological, physical and sociological differences;It makes you feel beautiful and sexy no matter what age or size you are; it allows you freedom of self and sexuality and makes you find your "inner jumbie" -- your raw, organic self.

Island Groove™ is a must see and a must experience. So what are you waiting for? Come and SET YOUR SPIRIT FREE today!

Chinyere, Chinyere, Chinyere when you get used to the name that goes along with "Island Groove™" you will then understand why it is so important. With all dance classes the teacher is the one that turns on the switch. When "Island Groove's " switch is turn on it's smokes, you are on fire. For a great cardio workout it's one of the best, you can find your groove in "Island Groove™." Everyone in the class is intoxicated by the energy, the music and most of all the freedom to express oneself, you will be too. I love it.

Ashley Elie
Trinidad, West Indies (WI)

I have been living in the LA area for only 9 months and I love to dance. I've been dancing for over 10 years. Finding a class like Chnyere's has been a true blessing. Through her class I have been able to enhance my dancing performance and become a better dancer. I really enjoy her class and recommend it to everyone I know. It is filled with spirit and love, components needed in all dance classes. I want to say thank you and you will see me in you classes always.

Los Angeles, CA (US)

I have studied many styles of dance from classical to folk. But what really stands out about Island Groove™ is the emphasis on group participation. Chinyere really knows how to get everyone to put their 100% into the class. People begin to open up and move in ways they never dream of and it is a beautiful thing to be a part of. We love the class and we love her. She takes us to the heart of the Carnaval spirit every time, and there is really nothing like it. This is by far the best work out in the Los Angeles area. If you want a flavor of the islands and that Carnaval spirit, Island Groove™ is it!

Claudia Williams
Hollywood, California (US)

Island Groove™ has improved my life. Nothing compares to Chinyere's, carefree, high energy, sexy workout. I always leave her class feeling 100% better than I did going in! In the three years I have been taking her class, my self esteem has blossomed, my body can do things I never thought possible, an I have met some really wonderful people. No matter what goes on in my life, I am grateful that I can go to Island Groove™, a place where I can let go, be myself, and set my spirit free. Thank You Chinyere.

Eva Baboun
Syracuse, NY (US)

The first time I went to Island Groove™, I truly felt like this is the only class that is worth my time. With a blend of great island music, harmonious vibe, high energy, freedom, and loving people; Island Groove™ is the perfect workout. This is different from any other workout because you get to dance and move your body to the rhythm of the soul. Since there are no rules and you can move as freely as you like you please your body and listen to your inner self. Don't even worry if you think you can't dance, because before you know it you will be moving your body in ways that you never thought possible. It's all about how you want to move, not how someone tells you to move. Chinyere is a wonderful leader she brings a great atmosphere because she is always in a good mood and ready to party and make you sweat til you can't sweat no more. Island Groove™ is a great class where you can dance to the best music, meet many different and wonderful people, and you can just party like there is no tomorrow. One thing I do advise you bring to class: A Free Spirit.

Jannette Ramirez
California (US)

My name is Ambition and I am from South Africa . I'm in love with Island Groove™ because I get to wine to soca! This's one class where you get a full body workout and still have a smile on your face. You get to dance to different types of music: from soca to samba to mirengue, Afro-Cuban to dancehall! I love it ! You have to be in it to experience it!!!

Ambition Sandamela
South Africa

I was originally introduced to Island Groove™ in Jan of 2003. When I first arrived to class I was a little shy like most people and I was sure people where going to laugh at my stiff moves but as soon as the music came on it seemed to lighten up the hearts and spirits of the class. Island Groove™ seemed to have a Spirit of its own. The class was so full of life and energy, the vibe from Island Groove™ was like no other Class I had ever been to before.
I couldnt believe how with every dance movement my body felt alive and sexy. The music and live drums made it even more intense because it felt like we were really in the islands - WOW!!! I was like having so much fun I didn't even have time to remember being afraid of anything, everybody seem to be having a blast, no one was holding back.
I also have lost 4 inches from my waist and I've lost 15 pounds that I didn't even realize till my friends started to ask how I was doing it to lose so much weight so fast - ISLAND GROOVE™ !!!! I've also met the most incredible people from all walks of life and I have made some real true friends.
I know in that first Class I fell in love with Island Groove™ !!!
I will never Stop Island Groovin--its what I've always been waiting for !!!

Silvia Hernandez
Los Angeles, California (US)

In the past 15 years I have tried pretty much all the workout fads that have come (and mostly gone)....from high impact aerobics to step Reebok to hip hop to kickboxing and now Island Groove™. I can tell without a doubt that Island Groove™ is the one that has pushed me the hardest but that I have enjoyed the most while doing it. First of all compared to all the other workouts, Island Groove™ has a really cool name. Secondly it is the most fun workout that I have ever had. It is not even really a work out. It is a big party during which I get to pretty much dance and work out to all the exotic music that I've always loved...from Samba to Salsa...from Meringue to Punta to Cumbia to you name it. And there is also live drumming which makes you think you are in the middle of the carnival. lastly but not is taught by sexy goddess Chinyere who gets out of control just as soon as she hears the first note of the music and her energy is contagious. there is so much energy in the class that it can help reduce California's energy shortage all by itself !!
Island Groove™ rocks and I guarantee everyone that if they try it just once, they will get hooked on it. I would definitely, very strongly recommend anybody who likes working out and is bored with all the usual classes and is looking for a new challenge, or anybody who just loves music, to try Island Groove™ once. You will not be disappointed.

Ramin Omid

SEE!!! IT REALLY IS A FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!!! Island Groove™ is more than a dance class that allows us to feel and express our true selves; it is a state of mind. I love the class for its uniqueness; it's not bound to a structure of competition or individualism. Instead Chinyere pushes us to move our bodies as we can and to move with each other and form a community. I truly love this sense of bonding that the class creates; it's a real feeling of connection with others. I have met beautiful people, with beautiful spirits. While I am 'Island Groovin' I don't have to worry that I am being judged by others, it's a space free of judgment and full of life, we're like children. We are all there together like a 'spiritual dancing family.' Chinyere I love your class….I'm ready for Island Groove™ baby!!!

Claudia Valenzuela
Santa Ana, California (US)

It has been the only class that has gotten me to work my entire body. It is fun, exciting and pays off real well. You see your body transforming and shaping into a form that would take months to achieve by just simply weight lifting. I enjoy the little dances we do and the games we play like the bottles. It is a very creative way of getting people excited about working out. I guarantee that anyone who tries out ISLAND GROOVE™ will be hooked and will wish the class was taught more often. Every dance class has been new and innovative. Thank you for all you have done for me ISLAND GROOVE™!!!

Sona Kokonyan
Armenia, Yerevan